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Kitchen Remodeling Guide To Renovate Your Rental Investments To Improve Design And Make Single-Family Homes Safer

If you are planning on taking advantage of the current markets, buying rental properties can be a great investment. Some of the properties that you invest in will need renovations to make them livable. One of the areas that you will want to invest in is the design of the kitchen, which can help open up space in single-family homes for a modern design, as well as make them safer. The following guide will help you with the kitchen remodeling project that you need for your rental property investment.

Start with a Good Remodeling Design That Is Modern and Opens the Kitchen and Main Living Space

The remodeling of your rental property should have an open concept design. This is when the main living space and kitchen are joined together to make the home seem more spacious and open. This can be great for smaller single-family homes where you may have limited space. In addition, if you want to add more space, add higher ceilings in the kitchen and living space.

Use Durable Materials That Are Affordable, Easy to Repair, and Can Easily Be Replaced When Needed

There are also many options for the materials that can be used for the kitchen remodel of your rental property. You want to avoid going over budget with premium materials, but you want to consider durable options like concrete and synthetic solid surfaces for countertops. You also want to consider options like composites for the cabinets that are easy to clean up when changing tenants or can easily be replaced if they get damaged.

Add a Good Exhaust Hood and Fire Suppression System and Remove High Cabinets That Collect Grease and Create Fire Hazards

One of the main improvements that you want to plan when remodeling the kitchen of a rental property is reducing fire hazards. This can be done with the installation of a good kitchen exhaust hood and fire suppression system for the kitchen. In addition, you can also remove high cabinets that collect grease, which will also help create the open-concept kitchen design that you are going for.

Remove Gas Appliances and Replace Them with Affordable, Energy-Efficient Electric Models for a Safer Kitchen

There are also gas appliances that are often in older homes, which can cause unnecessary hazards for rental properties. Therefore, you will want to replace all the gas appliances with electrical models that should have a higher average energy rating. This will result in a more efficient home design and help attract potential renters.

These are some of the things that you will want to do when remodeling the kitchen of your rental property investment. If you are ready to start renovating one of your recent investments, contact a kitchen remodeling contractor like Moir Construction to get started.