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3 Great Countertop Materials To Use In Your Kitchen

When it comes to remodeling your kitchen, the material you place on your countertops will define your kitchen and will impact how you use your kitchen. Three materials you should consider are butcherblock, concrete, and granite countertops.

Material #1: Butcherblock Countertops

A great and often overlooked material to use in your kitchen is butcherblock countertops. Butcherblock countertops are made from large slates of thick wood. They are a great way to give your kitchen a warm and natural look. They are also easy to customize to your kitchen space, which is great if you have some odd-angled countertops you want to install.

The one downside to butcherblock countertops is that they have to be sealed on a frequent basis. Every year or two, you will need to reseal your countertops to keep moisture from penetrating and damaging the wood.

Material #2: Concrete Countertops

Another countertop option is concrete countertops. With concrete countertops, you can really customize the appearance of the countertops. You can make the countertops thick or thin, and you can even customize the color of the countertops as well. You can make concrete countertops in just about any size; if you can build a frame for it, concrete can be poured into the frame.

Just like with butcherblock countertops, cement countertops can be very porous, which means you will need to seal the countertops every few years to keep the countertops from getting damaged by moisture.

Also, keep in mind that cement countertops are really heavy and require a very sturdy base underneath them to support all that weight.

Material #3: Granite Countertops

Another option is granite countertops. Granite countertops are made from stone, which is another natural material. It has a much more luxurious look to it and is often associated with high-end countertops and kitchen. It is generally a lot more expensive than butcherblock or concrete countertops. However, the material is strong and well-sealed. You may have to seal your granite countertops after five to ten years of use; it is not something you will need to worry about on a regular basis.

Checking out various countertop materials in person will help you pick the best possible countertop material for your kitchen. Think carefully about your budget and how you plan on using your countertops so that you can choose the best material. Both butcherblock and concrete countertops are affordable but need to be sealed often. Granite countertops are more expensive but tend to be sturdy and don't require as much maintenance.

For more information, reach out to a countertop fabrication company near you.