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Kitchen Features That Work Well For Busy People

When working with professionals to remodel your kitchen, you and they will want to consider your lifestyle and the way you actually use your kitchen. If you're a really busy person, you may often be rushed when you cook. You might make a lot of quick meals and you probably have multi-tasking tools and gadgets that you use often. Imagine creating a kitchen that makes all of this easier and actually works with you, not against you, when you cook a quick and hurried meal. That can be your reality if you talk to your remodeling contractor about including these features.

Hooks By the Stove

Have your contractor design your kitchen with some hooks by the stove. You can use these to hang your most used pots and pans, along with some of your most-used utensils such as spatulas and spoons. You'll save yourself from having to open several different drawers to grab these items.

A Pull-Out Spice Shelf

Having to sort through a whole shelf or drawer of spices can take more time than you have. A good alternative is to have your remodeling contractor install a pull-out spice shelf in one of your cabinets. This shelf should have low sides to keep the spice bottles in place. You'll just pull it out gently and then you'll be able to see all of the spices and pull out the ones you need.

A Garbage Hole

Carrying trash from the counter to the garbage can takes a lot of time, especially because you'll be trying not to drop anything. You'll save time with a garbage hole in your counter. There will be a garbage can under the hole. You just sweep your trash through the hole and it falls right into the trash where it needs to be.

Under-Cabinet Lights

It's a lot easier to cook quickly if you can see well. Under-cabinet lighting makes this possible. Your remodeling contractor can essentially put a strand of light on the underside of the cabinet. These will be connected to a separate switch. You can turn the lights on when you're rushing to get ready early in the morning, or when you're cooking late at night.

The kitchen features above tend to work really well for busy people. Talk to a remodeling service like Multicraft Home Remodeling about including them in your plans. Your remodeling team may also have some other design ideas that can save you time when cooking.